1966-1978 Lived in Lausanne / Switzerland

1978           Move to Uelzen / Germany

1986-1988 Fachoberschule Gestaltung Hamburg (graphic-design school)                          

1988-1993 Studies in Fine Art at the Free International    University

                   (FIU) in Hamburg, under the guidance and supervision of                                     Karin and Wolfgang Genoux (sculpture/painting) both                                            were Master Students of Joseph Beuys.

                   Specific studies undertaken:

  •  Painting
  •  Sculpture
  •  Philosophy
  •  Art History

1991      Professional study year abroad in Santorini (Greece) 

1993      Final exhibition at Free International University 

              Hamburg majoring in Art, Sculpture, Philosophy and Art  History.

              Move to Santorini to complete work on “Greek Mythology” and

              “Cycladic Light”

1993-1995 Several exhibitions in Santorini and Hamburg under the

                   Sponsorship of Dr.Nagel.


1995           Foundation of “Palmara” artist group studio in Santorini.                                        Theme of work:

  •  Architecture-landscape        
  •  Genesis - human beings

1998      Establishment of Gallery/Studio “Gallery Kastelli” Sale of work to

              private collectors around the world (New York, New Orleans, Athens,

              Berlin, London & Paris)

2000      Group exhibition at ‘Olympic Airways Santorini'

2001      Commencement of Art Classes about “the freedom of art”

2004      Relocation to Melbourne

2005      Working in “Art Studio Complex” Collingwood with new theme:

              'The Travel'

2007      Exhibition 'impression' at Easey Street Studio, Collingwood

2008      Finalist at the Maritime Art Prize 

              'The Travel' exhibition at 69 Smith Street Gallery ,Collingwood  

              'Collection of Thoughts' exhibition at Easey Street Studio-Gallery 

              Working at 69 Smith Street Gallery as exhibition Co-ordinator

2009      Participant at the ‘Melbourne Affordable Art Show’   

              Final exhibition at Gallery Kastelli , Santorini, Greece .

2010      Finalist at  Stanthorpe Art Festival, Queensland

              participant at the ‘Melbourne Affordable Art Show’

              'zwischen den zeilen- between the lines' exhibition at 69 Smith 

              Street Gallery.

2011     Group show  ‘Eros the Eternal Muse’ at Three Ravens Gallery 

             Philadelphia and Washington , USA